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Simpsonville Rodent Control 

Getting Rid of Rodents & Keeping Them Out 

Discovering rodents in your home is extremely stressful and trying to keep them out can be frustrating. Action Pest Services offers reliable service for rodent control. Our highly trained and qualified rodent specialists are experienced with all common rodents in South Carolina. 

If you are frustrated by mice or rats, call Action Pest Services at (864) 301-6535 or send us a message for fast and reliable rodent control. 

Rodent Control Tailored to Your Needs

A rodent problem is best handled by a trained and experienced professional. We offer effective rodent control for all common rodents, including house mice, roof rats, Norway rats, and more. Our method includes getting rid of the rodents that are currently inside your home and preventing new rodents from gaining access. 

Our rodent control specialists have extensive knowledge of rodent behavior, including how and why they enter homes. We provide accurate identification of your rodent problem, cost-effective treatment options, and lasting solutions for any rodent or pest problem.

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Customers Think We're Pretty Fly

  • “Great service, fair price and they work with you. Anytime we've had a problem they were able to help us quickly and very effectively. I highly recommend Action Pest Services.”

    - Jess E.
  • “Matt is professional and friendly, great with kids and pets, and obviously cares about the work he performs. Today it was ants and Matt spent over an hour treating inside and outside the house. Action is hands down one of the best.”

    - Bryan K.
  • “The whole staff is very nice and very personable. They will walk you through the different pest control programs they offer. If a problem comes up in-between services, they are quick to come back out and treat. I have been a customer for over 8 years.”

    - Jenn B.
  • “We typically have Robin come out to our house, he is super nice and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this company and I share their name to everyone we know. We have never had any pest issues in the homes they have covered for us.”

    - Amanda B.
  • “I had a "Termite Protection" done on my home today and could not have been more pleased with the work Matt, the technician, performed! I will definitely recommend Action Pest Service to my friends and family because of the superior service!”

    - Mitzy H.

Signs of a Rodent Problem 

Mice and rats get inside homes and commercial buildings in search of food and water, or to find shelter from the elements. They are able to get inside through small holes and gaps under doors and in foundations. Once inside, rodents can make people sick and cause significant property damage. They multiply quickly, so a small population can quickly grow into a major issue. 

Rodents can cause a variety of problems, such as: 

  • Contaminating food
  • Spreading bacteria and disease
  • Damaging furniture, drywall, and other property
  • Chewing through wires, which can cause fires

Sometimes, people learn they have a rodent problem when they see a rat or mouse. Rodents aren’t always easily seen, but you can learn to recognize the signs of a rodent problem. You may need rodent control if you have noticed rodent droppings, chew marks on food packaging, or signs of holes chewed in drywall.

Humane Rodent Control Methods

At Action Pest Services, we understand the importance of humane pest control practices. That's why we offer a range of rodent control methods that prioritize the safety and well-being of both your home and the rodents themselves.

Our Simpsonville rodent control experts utilize:

  • Live traps to capture and relocate rodents to a safe, natural environment.
  • Sealing off entry points and potential nesting sites to prevent rodents from entering your home in the first place.
  • Low-toxicity, eco-friendly bait and repellent options to discourage rodent activity without harming other wildlife or the environment.

By choosing humane rodent control methods, you can feel confident in both the effectiveness and ethicality of your pest management solution.

Please call Action Pest Services at (864) 301-6535 for more information about our professional rodent control service. 

Stopping New Rodents 

Getting rid of the rodents that have moved in is half the job. As long as rodents can get inside and find food and water, you are at risk for a future rodent problem. When we inspect your home for rodent control, we can provide advice on ways that you can prevent rodents from getting in. 

Rodent issues can be prevented by: 

  • Sealing any gaps or holes around the foundation, doors, windows, and plumbing
  • Using garbage cans with tight lids, inside and outdoors
  • Cleaning up pet food
  • Washing dishes and cleaning up food scraps right away
  • Trimming trees and shrubs away from the house
  • Using airtight containers to store food
  • Removing clutter from the house and yard

We offer effective rodent control in Simpsonville at a competitive price. If you have noticed any signs of a rodent problem or seen a live rodent in your home, we are happy to discuss treatment options and provide a free estimate for our services. 

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